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We are a family run business and would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our family. Our goal is to provide you with a superior product at a low cost. Our prices aim to be discounted 25 to 30% less than average retail pricing. Our family has been in the lighting business for a long time. We maintain good relationships with our suppliers and buy in bulk to give us purchasing power and pass along these great discounts to our customers. We are confident you will love our shades and enjoy our amazing pricing.

This website features a fine collection of shantung shades. Shantung silk fabric originated in China as a hand-loomed silk. The name was derived from the Province of Shandong in the north on the gulf of Bo Hai and the Huang Hai. Shantung silk is spun from the wild silkworm. The fabric used on our lampshades has natural sheen with a bright luster; it is slightly translucent with medium weight. Shantung shades are the standard in top shelf Lampshades. The shades we are offering are of very high quality and feature thick heavy frames and rich white lining. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return your shades for a refund (less shipping, of course).

In addition to our shades, please peruse our finials. We offer a line of interesting finials to complete your shade purchase. These include finely polished solid brass, beautiful full-lead crystal and various other high-end materials. Take a look!

Welcome to Lena's Lampshades! We wish you happy shopping at our site.
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If you are looking for other lamp parts to purchase not pictured here, we do have access to Kirks Lane Lamp Parts entire catalog of items. Please feel free to check out their catalog and email us with questions and/or pricing information. Click on catalog above to download.


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